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BM AROMA is a perfume company established in 2020. When the whole world was in a devastating state because of the pandemic, Bongani and Menzi noticed that we spend a lot of the time with our noses covered with masks and when you take it off, it always great to breath the fresh air. So they then thought about an idea that would make the world smell so nice and fresh even with our masks on and that is when BM Aroma was formed. we have 7 fragrances designed to bring a refreshing surrounding to whoever wears our perfumes and the people around them. our fragrances are named after the cute names we give our partners in relationships because we all need somebody and we all need to smell nice. we have King Bae, Queen Bae, Wife Material, Husband material, Blesser, Slay Queen and Side Bae. We believe that an outfit is never complete until you add a sweet aroma to it and we will strive until BM Aroma is readily available to a near store to everyone in the country first then move to the continent and abroad.  

Bongani Nkosi picture

Bongani Nkosi

Managing Director

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Menzi Khumalo

Managing Director

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