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This fragrance is loved by most, all genders, it is actually the most selling perfume in our store. It is very sweet and welcoming, it lasts long and…

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Ever heard of love at first sight? this fragrance gives you the aroma that makes people fall in love with you from the moment they lay their eyes on …

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Wife material picture

This is 1 is made from 1 of the most selling oils in the country, sweet but not so loud. This is a must have for every female who is a wife material.

Blesser picture

The most polite yet sweet fragrance from the males' side. It gives that ocean breeze feel, it is so refreshing.

Slay queen picture

For those who want to leave a statement, be noticed and admired. 

Side bae picture

The team's favorite! This is our only unisex perfume, both males and females may enjoy this fragrance, which only means 1 thing for those who are in …

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King bae picture

This is the most loved perfume by males and a couple of females who prefer male perfumes because "they are not so sweet". This fragrance has a demand…

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